How far south do birds have to travel?



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    That really depends on the particular bird species.  Here is a map for the ruby throated hummingbird spring migration.  You can see their range is the southern part of Canada and the eastern half of the US.  Depending on where the hummingbirds stop, they could migrate 1000 miles or more.[img_assist|nid=160689|title=Ruby throated hummingbird migration|desc=|link=none|align=left|width=640|height=480]

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    This depends on the type of bird. Some birds travel further than others during migration, and not all birds migrate south. Birds that have shorter migrations usually travel until they kind find adequate living conditions and stop. Other birds travel long distances to reach a specific destination.

    The bird which travels the longest distance is the arctic tern. This bird flies 18,600 miles a year between its breeding grounds and the Antarctic.

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    It realy depends on the species. For instince the artic tern flies 13,600 miles a year. Some canadian goose travel 1,000 miles from the northeastern hempmesphere to mexico. Some travel 200 miles so again it varies betwen the bird.

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