How far north can we find Mayan ruins?



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    It looks like the farthest north we can find Mayan ruins is in Mexico, near Cancun.

    Ruins can also be found in Belize, Guatemala, and Honduras.

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    There is speculation that there was Mayan influence on the mysterious society that built Chaco Canyon in New Mexico, which is a whopping 3,000 miles north of the Yucatan peninsula. This speculation derives largely from the discovery of cocoa consumption in Chaco Canyon at the time that it was also being consumed in the Yucatan.

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    Mayan ruins can be found in the Maya forest, which is located in the Peten region of northern Guatemala. The Maya forest is the most biologically diverse ecosystem in Central America containing hundreds of Mayan ruins and communities. The Maya forest is under the protection of the Maya Biosphere Reserve appointed by the Guatemalan government in 1990.

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