how far does whale sonar transmit

i’m wondering how far away a humpback whale can detect the sonar of another humpback. thank you



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    Research has shown that whale sonar travels for thousands of kilometers. Also, prior to the introduction of human noises into the oceans, such as boats, whale sonar may been able to travel across an entire ocean. Some environmentalists believe that human noise may place undue stress on whales and make it difficult for them to find a mate.

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    While the general consensus is that humpback whale songs can be heard for thousands of kilometers, there is evidence to support that songs can be heard from an even longer distance.  Researchers from Hawaii, Mexico and Japan worked together to see if humpback whale songs could be communicated to different pods in each of these locations.  In the end, when a humpback song was altered in Hawaii, the same song then became altered in Mexico and Japan, baffling the researchers.  Given the distances between these locations are thousands of miles, it could be said that humpback whale sonar limitations are yet to be realized.

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