How far does radiatiion leaked from a meltdown travel across water?



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    I think that the general effects of radiation leakage are more of an airborne concern. It took just a few days for the Chernobyl radiation leak to travel across most of Europe. If you are referring to the current situation in Japan, hopefully it won’t be nearly that bad, but who knows. If it were that bad, then one could assume it would have widespread effects across Asia within a relatively short time.

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      I do understand how the Chernobyl radiation leak traveled across most of Europe. That event was from high levels of CZ137 being blown into the air from spent fuel rods exposed. In Japan, they are currently measuring high levels of CZ137 from reactor #4. Also, reactors #5 & #6 store spent fuel rods. In addition all 6 reactors are reported as experiencing serious malfunctions and the IAEA are nowhere to be found. Now compound that with the fact that the mere fifty remaining TEPCO workers that are battling the situation 24/7 since Saturday quit for a period of time yesterday but are returning today. I bless their brave souls but they too are questionable as the situation continues to worsen. All that said there is the real potential of a Three Mile Island x3 (reactors 1-3) and a Chernobyl x 3 (reactors 4-6) event brewing. Now for my question. Given that the prevailing winds and jet stream traveling across the Pacific Ocean puts United States downwind of Japan should we be preparing for a shelter in place response?

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