How far do worms travel?



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    Nightcrawlers can tunnel down into the earth up to 6.5 feet. A small earthworm can cover about 27 feet in an hour. I don’t know if these facts answer your question or if you wanted to know how far worms travel in their life time, which I do not know.

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    For earthworms, the construction of their body greatly affects the way (and speed) in which they travel.  They have what scientists call setae (pl.) which are kind of like bristles that help the worm to move around and either be round and fat or thin and slender so they can travel by switching between the two.  These setae also help the worm to move through dirt or stay planted in its burrow. 

    When worms are traveling, another thing that impacts their speed is their actual size.  A small earthworm travels at a speed of about 27 feet per hour whereas a medium sized worm covers about 185 in an hour.  Large earthworms outdo them both, covering a distance of about 240 feet in on hour! 
    (These rates are true for earthworms, not all types of worms). 

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