How far do women have to walk on a daily basis to obtain clean drinking water ?



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    It would help if you suggested a location. In most of the US, Europe, and Japan, people (both men and women) have to walk a few steps to get clean drinking water.

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    Like the other poster, it depends on geography. It could be a few steps or many miles. However, in developing nations the average distance is 3.7 miles to get to water. 

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    However, in many parts of Africa, women and girls often have to walk much farther. In South Africa, for instance, approximately 16 million people have to walk an average distance of 1 km to reach to a clean water source. UNICEF estimates that 58% of the population of sub-Saharan Africa has to walk at least half an hour for clean water, often for up to three or four hours a day (comprised of the trip there, waiting in line to collect water, and then the slower trip back). The vast majority of those who walk for water are, as you say, women and girls. One of the most serious implications of this situation is consequent loss of education and jobs for these women and girls. If you have to spend three to four hours a day collecting water, there is little time for school or work.

    This issue is of such widespread concern that UNICEF has made it’s mitigation one of it’s eight Millennium Development Goals, and created an initiative, WASH to help address it (more information in the links).

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