How far do wolfs travel in a given day?



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    Wolves can travel ~50 miles in a day in search of food.
    “They are superbly designed for a life on the move. Because their elbows turn inward, their lean bodies are precisely balanced over their large feet. With their long legs and ground-eating stride, they can travel tirelessly for hours on end with no energy wasted.”

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    Wolves usually travel around 30 miles, more or less, in a given day. They have potential to cover more, and they often do in larger territories. Their territories range in size depending on location. In Alaska or Canada, their territories range from 300 to 1,000 square miles, and in the U.S. the territory range is between 25 and 150 square miles. They primarily travel at about a 5 mile per hour trot, but in chases can achieve estimated speeds between 28 and 40 miles per hour for up to 20 minutes. Wolves can trot at five to ten miles per hour almost indefinitely, and spend about a third of their time on the move, so in larger territories or in places where food is more scarce, wolves may travel great distances over the course of a day.

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