How far do swans migrate?



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    This depends on which swan species you’re referring to. The tundra swan migrates from the coast of Siberia (including all the way at Pacific) to Denmark, Netherlands, and British Isles. The thumpeter swan migrate between Alaska and as far south as Colorado. The whooper swans migrate between subarctic Eurasian breeding grounds and winter sites in Northern Europe and Eastern Asia. The black-necked swans go from southern South America to Paraguay and Brazil. The black swans tend to shift locations but not in any fixed migratory pattern. The mute swans have a very large area, and are partially migratory depending on the location; it is known to have reached as far as Bermuda, Iceland, Western Asia, and North Africa.

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    Not all swans are migratory, and it really depends on the breed and where they begin.  Trumpeter Swans migrate from Alberta, Canada down to the Yellowstone Park region.  Whooper Swans in Iceland head to Scotland or Ireland.  Bewick Swans go from the Arctic to Northern Europe.  Mute Swans often stay put, as do many kinds of “resident swans” in the UK and places warm enough and with enough food to support the population.

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