How far do beavers swim to make a dam?



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    There is an abundance of information on the beaver in general, but by reading enough of it and determining beaver behavior, I would say not very far. Beavers are very clumsy and ungainly on land, so that doesn’t necessarily stop their movement, but it definitely limits their movement to their general vacinity. In the water, they can get to about 5 miles an hour. When they have to move, beavers can migrate “tens of miles” to reach another dam. So long as they are only swimming, and not having to walk on land (where they are perfect targets for predators since they cannot move that well), and they are awake for 12 hours of the night, beavers could easily go well over 15-20 miles in a night.

    Due to the fact that beavers reproduce every year, and their young stay in the dam for the first 2 years of their life, there can be up to 8 beavers in a dam. The one-year-olds in the dams are referred to as “yearlings”(appropriately so) and the new babies are called “kits.” Given that there are kits in the den every year, parents have to stay nearby. Warning each other of danger usually means that the beavers will slap the water with their tails, so their family needs to be near enough for everyone to hear. This limits the distance they can go from their dam when the collect the materials they need.

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      In addition to their mobility and their family life, you have to take into account the beaver’s size. Beavers aren’t small rodents by any means. They range between 35-50 pounds, and some can be as big as 70-85 pounds. That is about the same weight as a lab or a german shepherd. However, they aren’t going to want to carry anything that big for any large amount of distance, especially if they have to move on land with it. Granted, they could carry a twig with ease, though they would probably chew it up before it got back to the dam.

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