How far can grasshoppers hop?



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    Grasshoppers are built for extraordinary jumps with their massive hind legs and their wings to help them glide safely back to the earth. It depends on the size of each grasshopper, but evidence shows that they can leap about ten time it’s own length in height, and twenty times it’s length in distance. Grasshoppers can range in size from half an inch long to almost six inches long. For example, a grasshopper that is an inch long will be able to jump ten inches high and twenty inches in length. To put that in perspective, humans usually jump about their height in the broad jump. But if you multiply that by twenty, like the grasshopper does, then a six-foot tall person would be able to jump 60 feet in the air and travel 120 feet in distance.

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    Grasshoppers and herbivorous insects closely related to not only crickets but cockroaches. There are two types of roaches; long-horned grasshoppers and short-horned grasshoppers. They are known for their distinct chirp which is made by their back hind legs and for their ability to hop so high and far even though they are relatively small insects. Grasshoppers are able to leap twenty times the length of its own body and that would be comparable to humans jumping of a length of about forty yards!

    There are hundreds of species of grasshoppers. They prefer warmers and temperate climates. These insects usually range from half an inch in size to more than six inches for some tropical species. They are usally green, gray or brown. They are fun to watch and their chirping is relaxing to hear. As with all life, we should respect them as they are apart of this world as we are.

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