How far can flying fish fly?



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    Flying fish are fish in a family called Exocetidae and include about 64 species. The fish avoid predators by jumping out and gliding above the surface of the water. Most species can go around 50 meters but if the fish gets can get the proper waves, angle, and ocean conditions it can sometimes glide for up to 400 meters and they have been observed gliding as much as 6 meters above the surface of the ocean.

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    Flying fish can “fly” for up to 655 feet at a time, reaching up to 4 feet above the water. Once the fish gets close to the surface of the water again, it can continue to glide by flapping it’s tail. This means that it can extend it’s flying for up to 1,312 feet in all. Flying fish have developed this unique ability to “fly” in order to escape predators, and are able to do so because of the torpedo shape of their bodies and pectoral fins which are shaped like wings. They are able to get up to 37 miles per hour under water in order to propel themselves with enough velocity to glide over the surface.

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