How far can a chipmunk travel?

We are taking chipmunks 2 miles away from our home. Is it possible for them to return?



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    Yes I feel that a chipmunk would be able to return home.  2 miles is not that far.  The only problem is whether or not the chipmunks will remember how to get home, or if they would want to go home.  A chipmunk can walk 2 miles easily, but whether or not it will return home like a dog or cat might remains to be seen.  I would not bet on them returning home if you simply let them go 2 miles away from your home.  I would bet that they would run to a nearby park or wooded area and start a new life. 

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    Chipmunks typically have home ranges of 1/2 an acre or less (an acre is roughly the size of a football field).  This means that if you displace a chipmunk by two miles, it is unlikely the chipmunk will be able to navigate is way back to its territory since two miles is well outside of its habitat range.  

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