How far away is earth from the sun?



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    The Earth is, on average, 149.60×10^6 km from the Sun. This average distance is called one astronomical unit (AU.) However, since it orbits in an ellipse, it is not always exactly that far away.

    At its furthest distance (the aphelion), the Earth is 152,097,701 km, or 1.0167103335 AU from the Sun. At its closest, the Earth is 147,098,074 km or 0.9832898912 AU from the Sun.

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    The minimum distance is 91 million miles, and maximum is 94.5 million miles. This distance is also measured as astronomical units. 

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    The average distance from the earth to the moon is 149,597,890 km.  At its closest, the earth is 147 million km to the sun.  At its farthest, the earth is 152 million km from the sun.  This is about equivalent to 93 million miles.  

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