How is Exxon/Mobil harming the environment?



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    Well…yes. Firstly, they’re an oil company. They harm the environment by default. Drilling for oil is extremely damaging; the transportation of oil uses huge amount of fuel (oil! It’s a cycle) and can cause terrible oil spills; and, of course, the use of oil emits earth-warming carbon dioxide.

    But the company also unneededly increases its negative effects on the environment through political action and the violation of laws. ExxonMobil is, for example, lobbying Congress to be able to drill in the fragile and vital Arctic Wildlife Refuge. ExxonMobil has violated the Clean Air Act, has mismanaged hazardous waste and violated clean-up laws, has been behind many MANY oil spills, and the list goes on. Click the second link below to see the environmental laws they have violated and suits they have been involved in.

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