How expensive do you think that gas will need to get before people start buying more eco friendly cars?



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    I’m sure this was answered a few days ago. Another previous answer in the link, among others.

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    This question really comes down to personal opinion.

    In my view, the turning point for a real change in behavior has more to do with sustained high gas prices than with a sudden spike. Over the past few years we’ve seen prices get pretty high, and that has had some effect of people’s car-buying choices. Clearly tases are changing, because we now have major companies like Chevorlet producing electric cars, a clear indication that they perceive a market for that technology. However, when prices drop a little, people return immediately to their old patterns.

    So to answer your question succinctly: probably in the 6-7 dollar per gallon range (about where Norway is currently) but sustained over many years.

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    Another personal opinion:

    It’s less about gas prices than about the overall price of hybrids and electric cars.  Even though you could do the math and figure out that you’d save a certain amount of money which might balance out the initial price of the car, people (including me) have a hard time with “sticker shock”–seeing really high prices on certain vehicles.

    So, it will probably take a combination of an increase in gas prices as well as greater affordability of eco-friendly cars.

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    Much like the others said, it would have to be a combination of sustained higher prices and lower cost of hybrid or electric vehicles. Even the Secretary of the Dept. of Energy said last year that gas prices as high as $9 or $10 a gallon would be enough to push the public towards renewable energy and fuel sources. I think this is very possible in the near future, and hopefully we will have begun to ween ourselves off of oil by then. The problem is that many in this country say that simply drilling in USA territory will lower gas prices, and are not too crazy about switching energy mediums at all.

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