How is the EU encouraging the agriculture industry in Europe to be more environment friendly?



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    The EU encourages farmers to use sustainable practices by cutting funding if they do not comply with environmental laws and providing more funding through agri-environmental schemes so that farmers can more easily practice in an eco-friendly way. For example, one scheme called the Organic Farming Scheme, offers assistance to farmers so that they can convert to organic farming.

    The EU is under some criticism though, as some money reserved for agri-environmental schemes is being used to fund farming that is not improving environmentally and is in some case detrimental to the environment.

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    There is more criticism of what EU, “free trade” practices have done to the small farms.  Biodiversity of farm animals and crop landraces has also been negatively effected.  Poland is a great example of how unique small farms, (that possess some of the only old live stock breeds) are being outcompeted by multinationals. 

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