How is ethanol produced?



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    Ethanol is a shorthand term for Ethyl Alcohol (or grain alcohol), which is the same type of alcohol available in alcoholic beverages. Like any moonshiner knows, you can make alcohol easily with a still, some heat, and some time for fermentation. Although alcoholic beverages gain their cost from purification and time, basic ethyl alcohol can be made with just enough time and ingerdients, so long as you arne’t worried about taste.

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    Ethanol can be produced from any crop or plant that contains a lot of sugar or components that are able to be converted into sugar (starch, cellulose, etc). Most ethanol is made utilizing these main steps:

    1. The ethanol feedstock (crops or plants) are ground up for easier processing;
    2. Sugar is dissolved from the ground material, or the starch or cellulose is converted into sugar;
    3. Microbes feed on the sugar, producing ethanol and carbon dioxide as byproducts; and
    4. The ethanol is purified to achieve the correct concentration.
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