How environmentally friendly is the production & use of wood gas?



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    Burning wood can be said to be carbon neutral, because the tree absorbed as much C02 during its life as it will release when it burns or decomposes. Since wood gas requires transportation and manufacture, it probably ends up adding more carbon to the atmosphere. But, it does come from a fairly sustainable source–being trees. It is still better than fossil fuels.

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    Except for the increased production of carbon monoxide, wood gas seems to beat out many of its biofuel competitors.  When burned for fuel it produces less carbon dioxide, sulfur oxides, dust, and nitrogen oxides than coal, deisel, or petrol fuels.  In terms of its production, wood gas is fairly clean in that it does not require much energy to make.  Also, its production does not require distilling (like ethanol) or heating (like biodeisel).

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