How to emphsize general peoples mind towards Green Concepts?

I am Tarin From Bangladesh, a Third World under developed Economy maturing towards development. whether we have natural resources in abundance, our leaders of the Nations are busy toiling up their pockets. despite the tomb of National and Natural crisis, as our majority population falls under illiterate and can be easily hoaxed by the national leaders we the much pestered segment of the society need guidance to do some good for betterment of all.
can any of the mentors out in the world be noble enough to suggest any way out…..?




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    Thank you for your thoughtful question. I can understand the feelings of frustration and hopelessness you may have when your leaders are not taking a stand to do what is right. Many people are so focused on the short-term gain that they do not consider the suffering and loss that future generations may face due to our unwillingness to live sustainably in the present.

    The best advice I can give you at this time is to start grassroots efforts at the local level. It is important to tell a sustainability story that relates directly to the people of Bangladesh and how it can benefit them. For example, in China, there is a big movement where the Chinese people are demanding more green products to buy because they feel their government is not doing enough and they want to be able to make a difference as individuals. You may be able to start groups like we have in the states where people from businesses meet and discuss ways to save money and run their businesses more sustainably. You could also open the meetings up to anyone and help teach tactics for general resource conservation, such as ways to reuse water.

    It may feel like too much of a burden for one person, but you can make a difference as an individual by educating others and gaining more support for the sustainability cause. I continue to hope that countries are working on more cost-effective green technology that will be adopted globally. Keep doing all that you can as an individual and know that you are making a difference and doing the best you are able. It can take time to motivate others, so do not feel discouraged. I am very encouraged by the changes I have seen in the United States in the past 10 years in terms of awareness of sustainability, increased recycling rates, and the increased use of reusable shopping bags, as some examples.


    We need to continue to make a demand for green products and services and hope that innovative people in the world respond to our call.

    Best wishes,


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