How efficient are the google maps for bikes going to be?



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    Google maps announced and launched their “bike there” option at the 2010 bicycle summit last month . Having used it myself multiple times to get around the city of San Francisco, I have found it incredibly helpful and efficient. When you input your destination, it comes up with the route that is the most bicycle friendly possible (bike boulevards, bike lanes, etc) avoiding areas of high traffic and it also steers you away from unfriendly commuter hills. This isnt to say that you will have no hills, but it does adjust to make your ride as enjoyable as possible. Because it is still a new program, it does ask that you give them feedback (good and bad) so they can continue to provide the best service possible. It is available for many cities across the United States and hopes to eventually include most of the nation and even other countries.

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    When I tested it on some routes I know over Seattle hills the results were varied.  Overall it should be helpful.  It will get better as they workout the kinks.  When something is not 100% dependable the challenge is to figure out when you can trust a result and when you can’t.

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