How effective is xeriscaping?



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    Xeriscaping is highly effective. It saves on water use, requires less maintenance, no need for use of pesticides or fertilizers, no pollution, provides a wildlife habitat for native plant species, and can even increase property value. Overall it is environmentally friendly. Hope this helps! 

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    Xeriscaping is very effective in maintaining plants that do not easily have access to supplies of fresh water. Here are the advantages of xeriscaping:

    • Lower water consumption
    • More water available for other uses and other people
    • Less time and work needed for maintenance, making gardening simpler and less stressful
    • Little or no lawnmowing (saves energy)
    • Xeriscape plants along with proper bed design tends to take full advantage of rainfall
    • When water restrictions are implemented, xeriscape plants will tend to survive, while more traditional plants may be unable to adap
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