How effective is motherwort at relieving anxiety?



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    Motherwort is very effective at relieving anxiety symptoms. It has a calming effect on the body and mind, and can heal sleeplessness and restlessness. It is often best administered as a tincture, which is an alcohol extract. As with any anxiety treatment, it is best to bolster supplements with proper diet, exercise and other stress reducing activities.

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    However, as witl all ingested remedies, natural or synethtic, alternative or from a traditional doctor, results vary from patient to patient, person to person. There may be some types of clinical anxiety that need to be treated by traditional medication. Yet, as with all mental ailments, whether serious or mild, the best way to treat anxiety is to consult a therapist.

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    Motherwort is a prickly perennial that can reach heights of up to 5′.  In ancient Greek times it was given to pregnant women to calm their nerves during pregnancy.  In China it was used to promote longevity and it was introduce to North America after the 19th century as a menstruation promoter and afterbirth expeller. 

    Several species of the plant have sedative properties and can be used as an anti-anxiety remedy.  Studies done in China have shown that it decreases a rapid heartbeat.  Other uses include regulating menstruation, improving fertility and aiding in the relief of post-partum depression. 

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