How effective do you think organic labelling is?



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    depending what the purpose is, very effective. It works to sell produce but not necessarily to support the environment.

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    I often don’t notice it. I’ll accidentally pick up organic items not realizing they cost twice as much as other items on the shelf, for example (yeah, I’m poor). I think it could be just as hard for people purposely seeking organic items, too. I prefer stores which have organic items separated in their own section on the shelf and not mixed in with everything else because it’s easier for everyone to find what they’re looking for.

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    There are several different types of labels that are applied to organic foods (see citation). If by effective you mean will they cause more people to buy it, I think so. People have begun to care more about their food being organic, since it is usually healthier as well as more environmentally friendly. Studies have shown that some consumers use environmental impact as a criterion when purchasing, and these people will pay attention to labels.

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