How effective are wind turbines at creating energy?



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    An average wind turbine can create enough energy for about 1100 homes. However, this is only 30% of its theoretical maximum capacity.

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    I think it would help to look at this in two contexts. First, other means of generating electricity (coal, natural gas, or other power plants) only operate at between 40% to 80% of their full capability to generate power. A modern, large-scale wind turbine, 2.5 megawatts or more, on average operates at 25% to 40% of its full capacity to generate power, according to the American Wind Energy Association. However, AWEA also states that they operate 65% to 90% of the time in the midwestern US, where wind is plentiful. The turbines could operate at full capacity more often (60% to 80% of the time) if they used smaller generators, but they would produce significantly less energy overall.

    In terms of cost, the price keeps coming down. An AWEA fact sheet explains that as of 2005, a wind farm can produce electricity at just under 5 cents per kilowatt hour. Whereas a natural project would produce electricity at 3.69 cents per kilowatt hour. As rules for pollution generating plants become stricter and wind turbines become more efficient, they will become even more competitive.

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