How effective is algae in producing biofuels, as compared to corn?



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    Some biofuel experts believe that algae is better than corn in producing biofuel.  Algae are much simpler to grow, as they are single-celled, and need only oxygen, water, and carbon dioxide in order to grow.  They don’t take up farmland for potential food production as corn does.  There are environmental and efficiency reasons why algae is thought to be better than corn.  Also, algae can help with removing carbon from the air as it grows. 

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    And algae cannot be eaten by humans (without severe gagging at least)… so we are not really diverting this crop from another essential function (feeding the hungry, keeping food prices low)… In the future algae will be fed the CO2 runoff from our transportation and manufacturing sectors; and we will then harvest them to fuel the industries themselves — it’s going to be a magical cycle — and hopefully this will curb carbon emissions, halt climate change, and re-establish a balanced equilibrium in our world’s eco-system!

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