How is the economy impacted by green energy?



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    The economy is often conflicted between adhering to current industries because of precedented economic success and progressing to clean and renewable energy alternatives. A shift to clean energy is rather slow because incorporating new technologies is a high-cost initiative. And since there is no heavy regulations as to energy production in many countries, major energy companies are not completely shifting into green energy because of high cost and low government incentive to go into that direction. It is true that legislation enforcing emission reductions and clean energy technology use and research will create an array of permanent “green-collar” jobs. But the economy is dictated by consumer needs. If we, the consumer base, demand on behalf of energy companies and green government legislation that green energy be produced then energy companies will see the promise of green energy. This will enable energy companies to set aside the high cost of initiating new energy programs because there will be no risk of economically failing.

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