How eco-friendly and profitable is keeping bees in banana plantation?



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    Banana plants are usually pollinated by birds or not at all – female plants can produce fruit parthenocarpically, or on their own without pollination. You don’t necessarily need bees to grow your bananas, so I wouldn’t expect it to be very financially profitable, however, I would still encourage beekeeping, since bee populations are low. They’ll still help out with pollination in your plantation, and you could always sell the honey, I just wouldn’t expect them to significantly affect profitability of the plantation overall.

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    There are some inconsistencies in elifitz’s answer.  First of all, banana trees produce both fruit, and flowers.  While banana flowers are beautiful, they are not what make your banana plantation profitable – the banana fruit does.  However, pollination by birds and bees is not how edible banana fruit is produced – the pollination must be done manually (wild bananas are not what we see in our supermarkets as they are largely inedible).  The bananas we see in our supermarkets (according to the freshfoodcentral link attached) are a kind of “mutant” strain of the wild variety.  Unfortunately, there are a couple nasty diseases attacking banana plants right now, which scientists and botanists are trying to fight through methods of bioengineering. 

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      Thanks for your beautiful answer. Please, I wish you notify me as soon as scientists discover the bioengineering methods of controlling those diseases.

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