How eco friendly is 1 ply toilet paper?



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    1-ply paper is not really any more eco-friendly than 2-ply, because people tend to use the same amount of paper. Recycled toilet paper is more eco-friendly, as it is made from recycled paper and if people use it, fewer trees need to be cut down.

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    I don’t necessarily agree with the statement above.  I find that 1-ply toilet paper lasts a lot longer in my home.  When I buy 24 rolls of 1-ply it can last up to 8 months, but when I purchased the same size package recycled 2-ply toilet paper it lasted about 2 months. Part of this comes from the fact that many people seem to take a certain length of toilet paper rather than consider how thick and absorbent it might be. This means that it would take four times the shipments of toilet paper products to equal the one of the 1-ply shipments.  There are even toilet paper companies that use partially recycled product, but still with the compactness of a 1-ply roll.

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