How is natural gas drilling bad for the environment?



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    It is bad for the environment in that it takes large fossil fuel powered mahcines to transport the equipment and then to operate the drilling equipment. In addition drilling may cause unforseen damage to the particular ecosystem in which the drilling is taking place.

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    According to a Sierra Club article, the drilling process for natural gas adds 300 million tons of pollutants to the air each year, “causing asthma attacks, hospital admissions, emergency room visits, cancer, and even early death.” Also, the oil and gas industries combined make up the second greatest source of global warming pollution in the United States. Drilling, transporting, and storing the gas involves processes that emit toxic, smog-creating chemicals into the air. Processing plants emit harmful compounds too, like sulfur dioxide, which causes asthma and can aggravate other bronchial diseases as well as heart disease.

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