How doesProfessor Hugh Possingham propose to use the lottery to protect Australia’s endangered species?



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    Basically his proposal involves using the lottery to publicize endangered species and to donote lottery funds to help protect endangered species.  More specifically his plan is to

    • Put the name of each Australian threatened and endangered species in a lottery barrel.
    • Each year right before the Melbourne Cup, Australia’s biggest horse race, get the environment minister (currently ex-Midnight Oil frontman Peter Garrett) to spin the barrel and draw out a species name.
    • Whatever proportion of that species’ population lives on a piece of land, the owner of that land – be it a private individual, an indigenous group, an NGO, a corporation, or even a state government – receives the equivalent proportion of $20 million – less than 0.4% of annual gambling revenue in Australia.
    • Have the winning species, along with facts about it and where it lives, published on the front page of Australian papers along with the Melbourne Cup-winning racehorse.

    To read the full article follow the link below.

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