How does your actions make you an environmentalist?



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    Being an environmentalist simply means that you are an advocate for protecting the natural environment from the destruction of pollution. Such actions would be recycling, planting trees, refraining form littering (picking up litter too!), conserving energy. More extreme environmentalists (the ones typically associated with environmentalism) are involved in boycotting, rallies, traveling to other countries and volunteering for environmental protection reasons.

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    Some of the definitions on the web define environmentalists as those who work to protect the environment, hold a broad philosophy and subscribe to a social movement, advocates for the biosphere in order to keep it safe from human activity, and one who participates actively to solve problems brought up by pollution and lack of resources.

    In my own opinion, I believe an environmentalist is one whose changes his or her own actions to consider the environment in addition to his or her self. Further, I think an environmentalist does not need to hold a specific political, philosophical, or religious doctrine, but an environmentalist should attempt to steer others in the course of environmentalism.

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