How does worm composting work?



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    Compost is organic material, that looks like soil and has a dark brown color with an earthy smell.  It is made through the decay of organic waste It can be used to grow plants.  The EPA provides a list of materials that can be composted, including coffee grounds, tea bags, cotton rags and more.  Adding earthworms into the compost helps speed up the process, the best kind of compost worms are red worms.

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    Worm composting, or vermiculture, is done with a type of worms called red wigglers.  These are different than earthworms, and are much smaller, but they are powerhouses for composting.  One type of worm composting system can be set up using shredded, dampened newspaper as bedding, and adding vegetable scraps and red wigglers.  This can even be done indoors in large plastic covered containers.  Here are some great links to get you started.

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