How does working in an office setting negatively affect your health?



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    If you have a bad setup that strains your body, then you might wind up needing medical treatment in the future. However, that can be fixed by setting up an ergonomic working station.

    Lack of exercise can also be a problem, and that can also be fixed by getting up for a stretch break every so-often or walking around during your lunch break. Bicycling or walking to work is also a good idea. If work is too far for you to bicycle or walk, you might be able to find public transportation to take you most of the way. Riding public transportation is also a good way to relax because you can read, knit, or do some quiet activity of your choosing instead of focusing on the road.

    Psychologically speaking, if you are not near a window, you may wind up with year-round Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). There is something about real sunlight that makes people happy, and most light bulbs do not generate the same spectrum of light that our sun does. So, getting an SAD treatment lamp can help solve this problem.

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    People who work in an office and on a computer for most of the day are susceptible to eye strain, back strain, and carpel tunnel. Lack of sunlight can cause problems such as depression because of the lack of consistent Vitamin D. The citation below includes ideas on how to improve one’s health while working in an office. There are exercises that can be done at a desk throughout the day. There are also certain types of chairs and desks that can help with posture and reduce strain on the back. Furthermore, there are anti-glare screens that can help reduce the strain on one’s eyes from computers. 

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