How does geothermal work?



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    Geothermal energy utilizes the heat generated from Earth, to heat water and create steam. It produces no greenhouse gases and is one of the most untapped forms of renewable energy there is. The link provided below has an in depth explanation as well as a picture showing how it works.

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    There are two main types of geothermal power: energy from the center of the earth and energy from the sun.
    Geothermal energy from the sun: The sun heats the first few feet of the ground, then this heat is lost during the night. During the winter months this temperature is much greater than the average temperature of the air above the surface. In order to extract this heat, hundreds of pipes are run under the ground, filled with water (warmer for running underground than it would be if collected above-ground), and a pump pushes cold water through the pipes to the exit area. A boiler collects this water and channels it to mechanisms such as under-floor heating, or it can be heated to a higher temperature by the boiler and used for the building’s hot water supply.

    Geothermal energy from the sun: To harness the energy, deep holes are drilled into the earth (much like when drilling for oil) until a significant geothermal hot spot is found. When the heat source has been discovered, a pipe is attached deep down inside the hole, which allows hot steam from deep within the earths crust to rise up to the surface. The pressurized steam is then channeled into a turbine, which begins to turn under the large force of the steam. This turbine links to a generator, which also begins to turn and generate electricity.

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