How does wedding rice kill birds?



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    Wedding rice actually does not kill birds. Birds eat rice, wheat, and barley all the time and it’s part of their diets. Before uncooked rice can cause the bird any harm, the birds digestive system would have broken it down into nutrients and waste by the enzymes present in its digestive track. 

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    The notion that wedding rice poses a threat to birds is actually a myth. It is widely believed that rice expands in the birds’ stomachs and can rupture the stomach and kill the bird. In truth, birds are not actually harmed by eating rice.

    Some places don’t allow rice to be thrown at weddings because guests can slip and fall if the floor is covered in rice grains.

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    Birds do eat rice in nature, but the dried rice we throw at weddings is different than what they would encounter in a rice field.  It is possible for a small bird with a small stomach to eat too much rice and have their stomach explode.  However, they would also need to have quite a bit of water in their stomachs, so it is likely they would not be dropping dead right on the steps of the church.

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