How does a Website become a Green Certified site?



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    Green Certified websites have reduced carbon emissions, mostly by using renewable and clean energy resources to power them.  There is a lot of information about the process at :  This particular site helps websites find out their carbon use and then become carbon neutral by purchasing energy equivalence from solar plants and wind farms to put into the grid.  Like any certification process, there are steps involved and commitment on the side of the applicant, but it is of course a worthy endeavor.

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    Making your website green involves taking steps to reduce and/or offset your operation’s carbon footprint. Green sites should be modeled as eco-friendly and should have a mission statement that embodies advocacy, charity, and self-sufficiency.

    The difficult part about certifying your website as green is that there is no official green network within the web. Thus, there are many sites that claim to provide green certification, but none of them officially warrants such authority. Be careful, because these sites may ask for money (in the form of application fees, hosting, etc.) or advertising rights to your site. If you are looking to advertise your site as green, it may be best just to be up front about it by explaining just what it is you do and why, without concern for making it official.

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    Greenscroll is a non-profit organization created to fight climate change in the real world, on the battlefield of the virtual one. Recognizing the growing environmental footprint of the Internet and the infrastructure involved in running it, Greenscroll’s mission is to power the Internet by green renewable energy and help save the Earth. We do so by helping you make your website environmentally friendly. On your behalf, we pump green energy into the grid to power your website and hence the Internet.


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