How does weatherization lead to efficiency?



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    By ensuring that heat does not escape from your home during the colder months.  Weatherizing your home against drafts ensures that you won’t be cranking up the thermostat to make up for lost heat. 

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    Depending on how you get your home weatherized and the technologies that you use, your home can become very energy efficient.  You can add more insulation to your home as well as use the air sealing method to reduce the flow of outside air into the house.  This way you use less energy using equipment like heaters and AC’s.  You can also put up energy efficient windows that keep your house well insulated.  Water Heaters can be weatherized which can add to better water heating efficiency and hot water use.

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    Weatherization is the process of enhancing the amount of protection a building has from the heat/cold of the outside. This can include sealing gaps or cracks, particularaly around doors, windows and vents, sealing air ducts, and replacing old windows for double-paned windows. These steps (and others) decrease the amount of heat or cold loss from a building and so reduce the amount of energy that has to be used to maintain the space at a comfortable temperature.

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