How does using Skype help the environment?



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    Skype helps the environment by cutting down on emissions from travel due to more people willing to talk face to face over skype rather than face to face in person.  A lot of businesses will do conference calls on skype as opposed to having meetings or with potential clients if both can agree that it isn’t worth getting together over a lunch or something.  It also cuts down on paper used in letters and envelopes, but phones also took care of that. 

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    One major way that Skype and other VoIP services help the environment is by eliminating the need of global business-people to travel around the world to meet with clients. Using the tool in the link below, you can get an estimate of how much carbon dioxide is emitted from a plane ride. San Francisco to New York came out at just under 1000 kg of CO2.

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    Skype also allows families that may be spread over the country to spend time together without traveling.  I enjoy watching movies with my family cross-country on Skype.  It lessens the need to be with someone physically if you can see and speak to them online. 

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    Skype allows people from all over the world to talk and connect via internet.  It helps the environment by eliminating all of the greenhouse gases (GHGs) that would be sent into the atmosphere if someone traveled to the person they wanted to see instead of skyping with them.  Even local travel (between states, cities etc.) is harmful to the environment if the person uses an oil consuming mode of transportation to get from one place to the next. I think Skype is not only fun, but it is great for the environment. 

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    Skype allows businesses and people to interact across the globe instead of having to travel and talk to each other. It allows people to spend less money on flying and allows them to be more efficient in terms of time, allowing them to focus on other things. Skype is probably the most used for personal video conferencing, but many other video conferencing programs are used by businesses.

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