How does using the new re usable grocery bags benifit us?



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    First, they are a lot more durable than plastic or paper bags, so you’re less likely to lose things from bags breaking! If you usually throw the plastic and bags out, it’s less trash space. Overall it’s better for the environment not to use so much paper and plastic, and that helps everyone.

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    Many grocery stores offer 5 cents off your bill for each reusable grocery bag that you bring in.  In addition to that, less manufacturing and waste of both paper and plastic bags will be necessary.  These items end up sitting in our landfills, and even the paper bags don’t decompose very quickly.  I read recently that only about 5% of the plastic bags ever get recycled, so that is a huge waste, and many of them end up in lakes, rivers and oceans where they pose a threat to the animals.  These bags benefit us by reducing pollution and also saving us money.

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