How does the US rank amoung others counries when it comes to recycleing?



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    According to, the U.S. ranks #7 in the countries with the highest recycling rates. The recycling rate for the U.S. is 31.5%, while the recycling rate of Switzerland, which takes the #1 slot, is 52%. Austria comes in second with a rate of 49.7%. For more info, visit this site.

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    There’s no accurate method to assign exact amounts (in tons, for example), but the link elifitz provided is informative. Each country is structured differently. Recycling efforts in the U.S. are, unfortunately, in the hands of corporations, businesses, and other entities – municipal recycling (households and individuals) accounts for a very small percentage of the total.

    Additionally, perhaps this previous question on GreenAnswers will be of use:

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