How does the type of bed we have make us sleep better?



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    Some people need different sleeping comfort levels in order to get better sleep. Some people require a bed that is harder and offers more support. Other people do not have bodies that appreciate very hard beds. That is why sleep numbers allow you to customize your sleeping experience so that you can get restful sleep. The sleep number beds allow you to choose between settings of hard and soft in order to help you find what your body needs.

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    Some beds are very wiggly and if you are sleeping with someone else in the bed, then when you toss and turn it could potentially move the bed and cause sleep disruption. The foam mattresses try to stop this by making a material so that if someone on one side of the bed moves the other person can’t feel it. Also, it eliminates pressure points on the back which can sometimes cause sleeping pain and discomfort and can affect the quality of sleep someone gets.

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