How does hydrogen turn into energy?

Does it burn like other fuels.



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    Fuel cells convert hydrogen into electricity through a chemical reaction. I won’t do a very good job of explaining this, so I’ll just quote the website I’m linking directly:

    “The process is essentially the reverse of the electrolytic method of splitting water into hydrogen and oxygen. In the fuel cell, the cathode terminal is positively charged and the anode terminal is negatively charged. These electrodes are separated by a membrane. Hydrogen gas is converted into electrons and protons (positive hydrogen ions) at the anode. The protons pass through the membrane to the cathode, leaving behind negatively charged electrons. This creates a flow of direct current electricity between the terminals when connected with an external circuit. This current can power an electric motor placed in this circuit. The hydrogen ions, electrons, and oxygen combine at the cathode to form water, the only byproduct of the process.”

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