How does a true minimalist live?



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    The true minimalist lives with less and eliminates all the unnecessary things in their lives in order to achieve something greater. It shows that people don’t need personal belonging to be happy, and that the pursuit of happiness isn’t always the same road as the pursuit of possessions. Things like watching tv or having all these high tech gadgets, these are some things that a minimalist would not have . 

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    One way to be a minimalist would be to live “off the grid.” People that live off the grid are completely self-sufficient, meaning they produce and food they consume as well as power. There are communities of off the grid people living throughout the world, who have no impact on the environment based on their decisions. While this is an extreme, it is the truely minimalist lifestyle.

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    A minimalist lives at the moment, lives without desires, lives with simplicity in material possessions, things to do, relationships. Nothing is frivolous or unnecessary or extra. A minimalist is content, neither too happy or sad and unregretful. The blog, Zenhabits, details the life of a minimalist. It is an educational and inspiring read. It also provides lots of tips and ideas to how to simplify your life. 

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