How does trash effect the environment?



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    1) It clogs up human infrastructure such, as in Mumbai when they clogged the storm drains during a heavy storm and the streets were flooded.

    2) It breaks down into small pieces and is consumed by animals or absorbed into the environment. Plastic breaks down into edible pieces but is non-biodegradable so it gets eaten and fills the stomachs of animals, mainly small sea creatures. When trash breaks down all the toxic chemicals on or in it get released into the environment.

    3) Landfills emit pollution and sometimes leak into their surrounding environment.

    4) The trash vortex in the Pacific is a huge problem, check it out:

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    A very large amount of our trash (estimated the size of Texas) has accumulated in an ocean gyre known as the Great Pacific Garbage Patch. Albatross and other marine birds are attracted to the shiny plastic trash and consume plastic pieces often leading to death. 

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    It destroys the enviornment it kills all the habbitats in nature.

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