how does trash affect dolphins in the ocean?



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    Marine debris  such as a plastic sandwich bag can be mistaken as food and eaten by dolphins. They can also get tangled up in the debris. Toxins from land-based runoff is causing cancerous tumors on dolphins. Check out the link for more information.  

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    Since ingesting the trash is a concern, this is also something that marine parks needed to address. They were able to take advantage of the dolphins’ intelligence and actually train the dolphins to clean up trash and “throw it away”. Pretty cool stuff.

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    What’s sad is that it is not only the normal trash you would expect.  A dolphin in the Sarasota Bay area, playfully nicknamed Captain Underpants, had a Speedo wrapped around his dorsal fin.  It is very important that we realize that not only are plastic rings and trash bags disturbing the health of animals.  

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