How does Transgenic Chicken block the spread of H5N1?



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    Scientists have created this chicken by implanting it with different genes than it would ordinarily have (the method for this is very complicated, but you can read about it in the link if you’d like). They’ve tried making chickens before that resist H5N1, but these chickens can still catch mild forms of the disease and pass it onto others, allowing the virus to spread. This chicken is different because its genes don’t allow the virus to pass to other birds. So, while the new transgenic chicken can still get sick and die from H5N1, it can’t spread the disease to other animals, thereby preventing a mass outbreak. 

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    Transgenic chicken is able to block the spread of H5N1 by using a technique similar to RNA interference. In this technique, short pieces of RNA trick a key enzyme by bonding with it and preventing it from functioning. The infected bird will likely die from the virus, but the disease will not spread to other birds.

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