How does technology effect science?



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    As a general rule, technology leads to “better” science.  As an example, increased technology has led to more efficient weather prediction in the past 20 years.  As technology moves forward, so does the capability of weather models. 

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    Technology is a byproduct of science. And science can be done more easily as the technologies which support science itself become more advanced. We now have ways of quantifying pollution levels (measuring amounts of chemicals in the atmosphere), so these advances in technology (to build these new instruments) have paved the way for the modern science of environmental engineering, for example. Really, they go back and forth. Science (and applied research and development —engineering, a branch of science) improves technology; and technology then alters the course of science (by making more things possible, and by making the means of which we can gather our data much easier, and more accessible to all).

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