How does a tape worm get inside of your body?



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    A tapeworm typically gets inside of the human body by us ingesting the eggs or larvae in some manner.  This can happen through ingesting contaminated water, vegetables, and meat.  The tapeworm then attaches to the intestine with its teeth and lives off the human body as a parasite.  This can cause many problems, including pain and malnutrition.

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    You ingest tapeworm eggs or larvae through some sort of food or drink source. An animal or person that has a tapeworm will pass feces with tapeworm eggs in it; if any food or water comes in contact with that feces it may become contaminated and carry the eggs itself. Once consumed, the eggs enter your intestine and begin to grow. Additionally, if you eat raw or undercooked meat from an infected animal, it may contain a tapeworm larvae as they stay in the muscle tissue. They then can grow in your intestines into adults.

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