How does the start and stop technology work?



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    Start/stop technology is a term referring to cars that have the ability to turn off the gasoline engine when the vehicle is at rest, and also to restart when the driver pushes the acceleration pedal.  Therefore, a car with start/stop technology (such as some hybrid models) are not considered electric cars since the energy from the battery is not what is powering the car.  The car is considered gas-powered, however the efficiency is far higher than other gas-powered cars as a result of the start/stop technology.

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    On April 2, 2012, Ford announced that the new Ford Fusion offers another way for consumers to save money at the pump because this will be the first non-hybrid midsize sedan available with Auto Start-Stop. Scheduled to be for sale in the Fall of 2012, the Ford Fusion also offers customers the Power of Choice with the broadest selection of fuel-efficient powertrains in the midsize car segment – two EcoBoost-powered gasoline engines, a normally aspirated four-cylinder engine, a hybrid and a plug-in hybrid.

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