How does solar irrigation work?



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    Solar irrigation uses a solar pump that is run using the energy from the sun rather than by electricity or gasonline. A typical solar irrigation system cosists of a solar panel used to capture the sun rays, a marine battery to get extended running potential, 12V pump, and tubing in which to carry the water from the reserve, through the irrigation system to your garden or plantation. 

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    Our solar irrigation kits work by using a solar panel to charge a battery, then every 3 hours starting automatically and running until the battery voltage starts to drop. As you would expect, they run for longer and apply more water when it is sunny

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    Yes, solar irrigation can function by using a photovoltaic panel to convert sunlight into energy stored in a battery, which then runs a pump to deliver water to the necessary locations. Another variation on this theme, is to use the pump to transfer water to a high point, and then use gravity to create pressue to deliver water to where you want it.

    Another way to think about solar irrigation is using passive technologies that capture energy in moving water, which arguably is derived from the sun (as the sun is what drives the precipitation-evaporation cycle). Using a pelton wheel you can capture the energy of moving water to pump it uphill to a storage tank that then uses gravity to deliver water to crops, all without the use of any batteries or modern technology.

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